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Beauty Treatments

Wow Brow $35

Achieve stunning eyebrows that WOW! Includes eyebrow shaping and micro-current that lifts the brow area and revitalizes tired eyes. $55 with Henna Brow Tinting. 

Henna Eyebrow Tinting $45

Henna brow tint is comprised of 75% natural plant-based ingredients that provide results for 6 to 8 weeks (includes waxing). 

Eyelash Tinting $25
Eyelash Tinting & Henna Brow Tinting $60


All facials include an SPF application of Jane Iredale Minerals.
*facials range from 45 to 90 minutes depending on treatment.

Signature Collagen + HA Facial $95

Our advanced native collagen works to restore skin hydration and stimulate the natural production of collagen. Experience the EltraSKIN Effect which adheres to the philosophy that healthy skin is beautiful skin.  Effectively revitalize the skin by targeting a variety of skin concerns. (60 minutes) For all skin types, premature aging skin, dehydrated or damaged skin. 

Gentleman's Facial $95

Customized for men, this facial moisturizes and soothes the skin with special care given to sensitive shaving areas. This de-stressing facial includes hot towel compress, relaxing hand, arm and scalp massage.

Radiant Brightening Facial $105

Accelerate brightening in dry, dehydrated and photo aging skin. Active ingredients will enhance skin tone and clarity for a radiant and fresh glow. (60/90 minutes) Add LED Light Therapy +$35

Deluxe Detox Facial $70

Formerly Student Skin Balancing Facial, all skin types can benefit from this treatment which helps eliminate impurities and pollutants from the skin to promote better oxygenation. 45 minutes OR Add Celluma LED Light Therapy for acne 75 min total $105

Calm Rebalance Oxygen Facial $125

A soothing treatment for sensitive skin prone to redness and inflammation.  This facial uses specific products focused on calming the skin, as well as clarifying the skin’s complexion. The addition of oxygen helps encourage the growth of new cells including collagen while nourishing and rejuvenating dull skin.  For all skin types, rosacea prone skin, erythema, oily-combination, acne-prone skin. 

Collagen ReJUVENATE Treatment with LED $55

This 40 minute treatment uses the Celluma LED Light Therapy device which is FDA cleared for skin care (acne, wrinkles) and pain management.  The device uses specific wavelengths of light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised skin cells. Eltraderm skin care products enhance skin rejuvenation results of this treatment by increasing moisture-retention and skin hydration, as well as stimulate the cellular function of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin within the deeper skin layers.  Ideal for wrinkles, sun damage, blemishes, and other impurities. Add on to any facial +$35. Purchase a series of 6 for $275 , or a series of 12 for $495

Hot Stone Soothing Facial $100

Allow the soothing warmth of the basalt stones to create a realm of relaxation and stimulate circulation. This treatment uses native collagen  to nourish and rebuild the structure of the skin. Relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders and arms with heated stones makes this the ultimate pamper facial. (60 minutes)

Age Renewal Facials

Collagen ReSTORE Skin Tightening Facial with Micro-Current $125

Micro-current helps to improve the elasticity, firmness, and tone of the skin.  Eltraderm skin care products are designed to stimulate the extracellular production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin within the deeper skin layers, thus enhancing the results of micro-current skin tightening. For all skin types (non-sensitive), premature aging, aging skin, loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. (60/90 minutes) Add Celluma LED Light Therapy for wrinkles and enhance the micro-current treatment even more, +$35. 

Sumishi Micro-Current Facial (Non-surgical facelift) $125

Series of 12 (2-3x/week) for $1320 plus receive 2 Advanced Anti-Aging Serums FREE ($265 value). This anti-aging procedure offers a painless, gentle facelift without surgery. It creates a more youthful, radiant appearance by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin tone and colour, and developing firmer facial and neck muscles. Look years younger in just 60 minutes!

Bright Eyes (Non-surgical eyelift) $50 (add on to facial $35)

Series of 12 for $540 plus receive a Cucumber Hydrating Mask FREE ($50 value). Micro-current is used to restore contour and lift the eyebrow area, soften and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness and diminish dark circles to restore that glow of healthy skin.

Firm Rebalance Facial $105

This unique age renewal treatment for all skin types focuses on facial firming and improving lymphatic energy by engaging with the skin and tissue differently. Intensify the firming effect by adding the “Bright Eyes” treatment or our Celluma LED Light Therapy for an additional $35. (60/90 minutes) Ideal for all skin types, loss of elasticity, stressed skin, aging skin, wrinkles. 

Balinese Firming Facial $125

A 90 minute blissful experience that uses acupressure, massage, and nourishing products for a renewed skin firmness and glow. Pressure point therapy promotes oxygenation and relieves tension. Experience a realm of tranquility and calm with this special facial treatment brought back from beautiful Bali, Indonesia. For all skin types, premature aging skin, mature skin, dehydrated or damaged skin, congested skin. 

Hand & Foot Treatments

Natural Manicure $28

Essential manicure with clear or no polish.

Essential Manicure $40

Includes nail filing, shaping, cuticle attention, relaxing massage and professional polish application.

Age-Defy Spa Manicure $50

All the ‘essentials’ of a manicure plus an anti-aging treatment that targets dry skin, fine lines and sun damage. Nail polish application completes this luxurious treatment.

Natural Pedicure $48

With clear or no polish. Includes warm relaxing foot soak, nail and cuticle attention, buffing and callous removal, exfoliation and massage of the foot and lower leg.

Classic Pedicure $60

Essential oil infused foot soak, nail and cuticle attention, buffing and callous removal, vigorous exfoliation of the foot and lower leg followed by relaxing massage and professional nail polish application.

Body Treatments

Body Butter Indulgence $75

Relax and enjoy a gentle exfoliation of your skin which is followed by an aromatherapy massage using a velvety rich Shea butter. Following this, your body will be cocooned in a down duvet enabling the butter to drench your skin with moisture while you enjoy a hot towel compress, face and scalp massage.

Thai Yoga Massage $75 for 1 hour - $95 for 90 min.

Thai Yoga Massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating form of yoga and shiatsu massage combined. The movements and techniques of this Thailand inspired massage help to increase your circulation, energy, range of motion and release tension in your body.

Aromatherapy Body Massage $65 for 1 hour, $40 for ½ hour

Non-RMT relaxing massage that incorporates blends of essential oils to bring total relaxation to the body, relieve stress and improve the general condition of the skin. Perfectly priced for those without insurance coverage or for those who have maxed out their coverage for the year.

Stress Relief Scalp Massage $40 for ½ hour

A relaxing massage of the neck and scalp to ease muscle tension and headaches.

Back Treatment $85

Beautify the skin on the back with this deep cleansing treatment that includes exfoliation, gentle extraction, relaxing back and neck massage and a soothing mask to balance oil levels and encourage healthy, blemish free skin.


Reflexology $40 for ½ hour

Pressure point massage technique is applied to certain areas of the feet to enhance relaxation, and alleviate stress.

Facial Reflexology $30 (add on to facial $25)

Acupressure massage techniques are used to firm skin, reduce puffiness, eliminate dark circles and improve skin complexion. Also increases energy, stimulates mental clarity and provides a sense of deep relaxation.


Thai Yoga Massage $75 for 1 hour - $95 for 90 min.

Thai Yoga Massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating form of yoga and shiatsu massage combined. The movements and techniques of this Thailand inspired massage help to increase your circulation, energy, range of motion and release tension in your body.

Yoga - Starting at $90 for 6 week session

Hatha Yoga is a branch of yoga that encompasses physical health and mental well-being.  It harmonizes body (postures/asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana). Through the physical practice of Hatha postures,  health is restored to the physical body by aligning the skin, muscles and bones.  Through breath and meditation, students develop a sense of peace and calm in the mind and body to become more connected and engaged in the world we live in.

All classes taught by Deanna LaFontaine 

 Stay safe and stay tuned for future Yoga offerings

Small class size so REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  

Also coming soon on Wellness Wednesdays ~ FREE Essential Oil Classes via zoom

Learn all about the power of plant medicine and how to incorporate the top 10 essential oils into your daily routine for a happier, healthier life. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR OIL CLASSES 

Private Yoga $80 (1 hour)
Semi-Private $120 (1 hour for 2 people)
Private Yoga and Thai Massage (2 hours) $140

Waxing Services

Waxing Services

Hair growth must be a minimum of ¼ inch or 2-3 weeks growth to receive waxing.
Please inform your aesthetician if you are using Retin-A, Accutane or tanning beds prior to waxing.

Eyebrow Shaping – $15
Upper Lip – $10
Chin – $10
Lip & Chin – $15
Sides of Face – $15
Full Face (not including eyebrows) – $25
Underarm – $20
Bikini – $25
Arms – $30
Upper Leg – $30
Upper Leg including Bikini – $45
Lower Leg including Knee – $30
Full Leg including Bikini – $65
Full Back – $40+
Upper Back & Neck – $30
Chest – $40+

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