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Some of Awakenings clients were gracious enough to share their experience, you can read their reviews below.

“Do you enjoy being pampered? Does an hour or two of peace, calm, and serenity appeal to you? Would you like to be introduced to a product line that makes your skin feel youthful and glowing? If you have answered yes to any or all of the above, you need to spend some time at Awakenings Aesthetics for services and, if you choose, quality products.

About 10 years ago, I was introduced to Awakenings Aesthetics and have been a loyal and faithful client ever since. From the moment that you enter, you are enveloped by a feeling of caring and attentiveness. An hour or more spent with Deanna in her tranquil and serene environment enhances not only your public persona, but your soul. Deanna works quietly and calmly with sensitivity to the needs of her client at that particular moment. The product line that she uses is of high quality, and is extremely effective and a pleasure to use at home. Deanna is very knowledgeable about her product line and continues to attend seminars regularly to update her skills and services. When you leave after an appointment with Deanna, you feel ‘like a new person’, relaxed, calm, and prepared to face the busy world.”

Mary H. – Elmira, Ontario

“For approximately 15 years I have been a client of Deanna’s and have had the pleasure of experiencing a number of treatments from her extensive menu. I have tried other spas on occasion and have never received the same level of personal care and professionalism that I have come to appreciate from Deanna. Her quaint studio is like my private oasis where I feel so comfortable and at ease that it’s not uncommon to drift off to another place.

I am loving Deanna’s new eyelash extension service…getting ready in the morning is so much faster!

The Clayton Shagal product line….the best I’ve ever used. People constantly tell me I look at least 10 years younger than I am…what woman doesn’t enjoy that type of compliment.”

Pat Boucher - Kitchener, Ontario

“I really noticed the positive effects of having the Sumishi treatment…my fine line wrinkles are now not as noticeable and there was an overall significant improvement in skin sagging (you know the turkey neck).

I had a small calcium-build scar on my upper eyebrow that is now almost imperceptible. A number of close family members noticed the improvement in my skin and one person even asked me if I had done any surgery!!!”

Tracy J. - Guelph, Ontario

“I read the Raving Fan review in last month’s newsletter and realized that I haven’t told you how very impressed I am by your services.

You have such gentle, gentle hands, and you’re so good at soothing out the aches and making me feel special; not only with your pedicures and manicures, but with the hot stone massages as well.

I have never felt rushed, and I always feel very pampered and comfortable. I love your precise attention to detail. I am grateful for your knowledge of the products you carry and my skin’s reaction to them.

And finally, you are concerned, but never intrusive. You truly are a gentle soul!”

Dorothy P. - Kitchener, Ontario

“I had the pleasure of visiting Deanna at Awakenings Studio last Friday for a new service she is offering – a Hot Stone Soothing Facial. All I can say is, it was AWESOME. I have never felt so relaxed and I truly got to ‘escape my world’ for a little while! It was such a nice treat during a busy holiday season..And I even found out ‘the story behind the hot stones’. Wow. Thanks so much Deanna, you are an angel.”


“I’m very happy to be in a position to type this testimonial. I have had a rash on my torso and inner thighs for 2.5 years. Initially it began small; just on my tummy and one side and over that time continued to grow. Some days it would be inflamed and red and other days quiet, but always present. Although I tried a few different treatments and even removed many foods from my eating plan thinking it was dietary – I was perplexed as to what was causing the skin rash and why it would flare up at unusual, unexpected times.

When I mentioned this to my aesthetician, she told me about the Clayton Shagal line of products. She suggested the Collagen Gel II. Having spent so much money already on ointments, treatments and expensive organic food – I was hesitant. I am thrilled to say that the gel was worth every penny!

Within 2 days of applying the gel to my rash, I noticed a calming effect of both the redness and the lines outlining the spots. By day 3, I couldn’t believe the rash had completely disappeared. My husband was also surprised and quite happy for me. I decided to reintroduce some of the foods I THOUGHT were a problem (to be sure it wasn’t coincidence) – and the rash has not returned. So whatever this topical issue was with my skin the gel has helped clear it. I am relieved and grateful for this result after living over 2 years with this scattered mess on my porcelain skin.

Now I’m thinking if the gel can do this for my rash…what might it do for its intended purpose? I’ve since tried it on my face and am already seeing a difference in how soft my skin feels and the lines around my eyes are less noticeable.

Thank you Deanna for suggesting this helpful product!”

Laurie S. - Elmira, Ontario

“A friend at work recommended me to Deanna and Awakenings. One visit and I was convinced this was the place to have all of my aesthetic needs and wants met.

Deanna is meticulous. Her careful attention to detail is evident in all of the services she provides. I have been the recipient of her excellent shellac manicures. She makes my nails look professional and polished. It’s never too much work to make it look outstanding. Her meticulous work extends the life of the manicure. All of her attention to detail is done with an enthusiastic attitude and in a timely manner.

Deanna is a professional. Whenever I arrive at my appointed time, I am greeted with warmth and friendliness. There have been occasions when I have mixed up an appointment time. Deanna is most accommodating – without making her clients feel like they have inconvenienced her. Her newly renovated studio is warm, exceptionally clean and marked by professionalism. She is knowledgeable about the product lines she carries and remembers my preferences. Deanna is regularly upgrading her knowledge and skills to provide the best possible services to her clients.

There are times when I am glad to leave my work at the office. Deanna’s work is not always hidden away at the office. In fact, it’s on display for many to see. Recently, a friend saw my manicure from across the room and asked where she could obtain an equally spectacular manicure.

It was a pleasure to recommend Deanna and Awakenings.”

Anne C. - Kitchener, Ontario

“Deanna – I am thrilled that you introduced me to “Artistic Nail Design” Colour Gel, and I can’t say enough good things about it.

One of the reasons I chose this gel was your assurance that the gel would not damage or dry my nails. Even better, the remover added additional moisturizer – Bonus!

As you know, I chose to try this polish for a trip to Alberta in the hopes that it would survive the abuse I would be putting my hands through working in the kitchen preparing the catering order for a large wedding, and I wasn’t disappointed.

A month later when I arrived for my appointment to have the polish removed, the gel still shone and there was not a chip in sight. Quite frankly, this really surprised me as I’d cut my nails two weeks before, and I fully expected the polish to chip. If my nails hadn’t grown out, I’m confident I’d still have that polish on today, 60 days later.

Thank you again for your wonderful, caring service, Deanna. Feel free to give my email to anyone who wishes to discuss this endorsement in person. Cheers!”


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